About Me

About me

Living Life to the Fullest

With a camera in hand and a heart full of passion, I strive to freeze-frame your stories, transforming them into stunning visuals that radiate authenticity and emotion.

Hi! I'm Nathan!

Based in Athens, Alabama

Welcome to Living Life Media! I'm Nathan, a photographer with an infectious passion for capturing the wonderful chaos and beauty of life's experiences. Whether it's a joyous milestone celebration or an adventure-filled day, I bring a contagious love for fun and a constant itch to be creative to every session.

My goal? To transform your next precious memory into a lasting masterpiece you can cherish forever. So let's collaborate! Together, we can create something truly amazing that tells your unique story.

Welcome! It’s a thrill to have you here.

My love affair with photography began years ago, captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. But this passion soon evolved, drawing me to explore the rich stories woven into every aspect of life. Now, I find myself documenting everything from heartwarming portraits that capture a loved one’s essence to exhilarating sports moments that freeze-frame the peak of competition, and even the joyful chaos of unforgettable events. This incredible journey has been a constant source of inspiration, allowing me to freeze-frame precious memories, capture life’s milestones, and create lasting visual stories for my clients that they can treasure for years to come.


Photos Taken

Life's a whirlwind, but I freeze-frame the magic. Every click captures a story.


Hours of Editing

Every frame tells a story. I pour my heart into each edit, transforming moments into lasting memories.


Stories Told (and counting)

Are you ready to tell yours?

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Life's a whirlwind

don't let it blow by

Ever feel like time is slipping through your fingers? One minute you're celebrating a milestone birthday, the next you're reminiscing about it with a hazy memory. That's where I come in! I'm Nathan, a photographer with a deep passion for capturing those fleeting moments. From the genuine laughter erupting during a backyard barbeque to the heartwarming hugs shared after a graduation ceremony, I love capturing the pure joy woven into everyday adventures. With my camera as my tool and a heart full of fun, let's collaborate to turn your special moments into stunning visuals that tell your unique story and spark lasting memories you can cherish forever.