Hi! I'm Nathan!

Based in Athens, Alabama.

Welcome to Living Life Media! I'm Nathan, a photographer with a contagious love for fun and a constant itch to be creative. I want to capture all the wonderful chaos and beauty of life's experiences!

Whether it's a milestone celebration or an adventure-filled day, I'm here to turn your next memory into a lasting masterpiece. So let's create something amazing together!

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

The magic isn’t always found on exotic beaches or at breathtaking mountain peaks. Here at Living Life Media, I believe the most extraordinary moments often unfold right in our own backyards. It’s the shared laughter erupting during a backyard barbeque, the quiet tenderness of a stolen kiss on a park bench, or the awe-inspiring sunrise painting your living room walls. I love capturing these everyday gems, transforming the ordinary into cherished memories that radiate with life and emotion. Let me help you discover the extraordinary hidden within your own story.


Celebrate your love story. Beautiful, romantic photos of you and your partner!

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Reveal your unique story. Let's capture your essence!

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Authentic moments, beautifully captured. Celebrate your life's journey!

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Make a professional impression. Polished headshots that showcase your best self!

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"See the world in all its ugliness and beauty and never turn your back on it. Photograph it in all its phases as it is unfolding before your eyes. We need the witness and the documentation."

- W. Eugene Smith


Pictures Taken

Life's a whirlwind, but I freeze-frame the magic. Every click captures a story.


Hours of Editing

Every frame tells a story. I pour my heart into each edit, transforming moments into lasting memories.

Ready to Capture Your Story?

Make Memories That Last a Lifetime!

From life's celebrations to everyday wonders, I'm passionate about capturing moments that matter.

Let's turn moments into art. Book your session, let's get started!